Award winning entrepreneur, Carlos is a professional speaker, trainer, and motivator that helps people to discover their passions, unleash their creativity and take action to innovate in their personal and professional lives.

I have the privilege of being part of spectacular companies…

where I can live my vocation, learn from many teachers and grow in my passions:  technology, art, educationcreativity, and entrepreneurship.



Short Bio

Carlos Zepeda is an Electronics and Communications Engineer, has a Master Certificate in Arranging and Orchestration from the Berklee College of Music, and an Honorary Degree for his work in education.

He is a founder partner and Research and Development director at Grupo Educare, a research center in technology for education. He has authored over 25 books on IT, digital design, computer coding, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship. 

Carlos has worked on many artistic projects as a music composer, director and performer, including theater, records, television and film.

He is a founding partner of Huevocartoon Productions. Carlos was an executive producer of the most successful animated films in Latin America: “An egg movie ”,  “Another egg movie 2″ and “Little rooster egg-celent adventure”, and the composer of the original music score of the first two films.

He was awarded by the UN with the World Summit Award, in the category of creativity and entertainment. He was also included in the select group of  20 entrepreneurs leaders “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the first Mexican edition. Carlos has been widely recognized for his work in education, music, creativity and digital media.